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Halloween Ghost Costumes

Halloween is celebrated every year on the 31st of October with Halloween ghost costumes. It's a time when our thoughts turn to witches and ghosts!

Strangely, we don't really know why we celebrate but the day after Halloween is All Saints Day or Samhain as celebrated by the pagan Celts. It's a fascinating time of year when pagan and Christian beliefs intertwine.

Ghoul Costume Ghost costumes are a fantastic look for any nocturnal occasion.

This Ghoul Costume consists of a gray jacket with buttons on the cuffs.

There's a gray scarf that contrasts with the jacket. A top hat adds finishes the outfit off.

The tattered effect makes the outfit look very old.

Available in a one-size adult. Lots of accessories, such as wigs, gloves and makeup can be added for that authentic look.

Beetlejuice Costume The Beetlejuice Costume is a fantastic look for Tim Burton fans.

This is a very bizarre looking costume!

This is a comfy outfit made up of pants and a jacket, plus a dickie.

The black and white stripes hit you right between the eyes - you won't be missed wearing this costume.

The jacket comes in a couple of adult sizes and is a Beetlejuice-officially-licensed costume.

There's also a great selection of Beetlejuice accessories.

Ghost Costume The Ghost Costume is a very scary outfit and will have you looking like a poltergeist in next to no time.

There's a white robe and a ghostly mask for your head.

This outfit gives you a classic ghost look ready for Halloween.

It's also very comfy which means you won't get tired of wearing it at the fancy dress party.

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Halloween Costumes

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